Crowdsourcing the flood

October 25, 2011 by Than Rassadanukul

Thailand is facing the worst flood in half a century, and sometimes it is rather difficult to find quick information about flooded areas, especially on the outskirts of Bangkok. But every cloud has a silver lining - enter crowdsourcing, platforms made by the people, for the people, reported by the people.

Here are some we have found useful. All of these websites are in Thai, but luckily the developers made them intuitive enough for foreigners to try the navigation or wade through with Google Translation.

Is My House Flooded?
Report and check for floods in areas by postal code. Although postal area codes vastly vary in sizes here in Thailand, one can check to get a general idea of the situation in specific areas.

Named after a royal project that deals with detaining water, Gamling lets you log in via Facebook to put pins on maps reporting your flood situation including water levels and photos.

By far the largest citizen group to coordinate flood relief. You can submit a detailed form to request relief, pledge donations and list relief activity.

And of course there is the wild world of Twitter: #ThaiFloodeng and #ThaiFlood are currently your best bets for reports, rumours and criticisms.

If you have more to share, do tell us in the comments.

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